What’s in Santa’s Sack for Newbies?

Tis the Season for visiting loved ones! If you’re meeting a new niece or nephew this Christmas we’ve got some suggestions for what to bring! The Before-12-Months Set can be the life of the party! Why not keep them entertained with these fun, safe toys that are age-appropriate for the very wee?

The B.Toys Whacky Ball Set has a mirrored background and features a soft hammer to get the fun started. Your child will spend hours watching the balls work their way through the maze, and then pop them through it all over again! This great toy is $35.99, and available at all of our Brick & Mortar stores.

The Skip Hop TreeTop Friends line has been a huge hit this season! The soft toys are fun to tug, but when it’s tummy-time this comfy mat features a mirror in the Tree-Trunk. Perfect for practicing silly faces! It’s available both online and in-store for $74.99.

The Lamaze Octo-Tunes makes for a great Play-Date. Squeezing each tentacle creates a distinctly different honk- Such a delight! Strengthen your little one’s arm muscles and dexterity development by watching them squeeze, tug and pull. He’s $30.99.



Are you looking for something useful, to soothe a frazzled mom and a tuckered out babe? Try the Love to Swaddle Up! This cozy swaddler encourages self soothing, with their hands and mouth in perfect distance! Available at all of our locations in Grey & White, it’s $39.99.




Have you ever tried to put a Snowsuit on a wriggly newborn? Avoid the hassle with these gorgeous bunting bags from 7AM! This helpful cover straps into any stroller with velcro pieces along the back. You can remove both the inner fleece lining, and the front from the back altogether. Available in 0-6 for $129.99, 6-18 for $149.99 and 18-36 for $169.99!



If you have a Mini-Maestro on your hands, foster their love of music with this Tambourine from Hape! A deal at $19.99, your little Tambourine man will be shaking up the fun while learning about rhythm in no time!






Whether you’re aiming for useful, fun or useful AND fun, we’ve got you covered! Visit us online at Fabbabygear.com, or in person at 1244 Wellington Street We & 755 Bank Street in Ottawa, or 286 Danforth Avenue in Toronto! We’d love to help find that special something!


Baby Burritos and the Good Night’s Sleep

One of the questions that we’re most often asked by expecting moms Chez Fab is certainly, “What are the benefits of swaddling?” We find there are many!

  • Swaddling a baby can be a great way to soothe a fussy baby.
  • It helps to regulate baby’s body temperature as they sleep and gives them the same secure feeling as being in the womb.
  • Swaddling also helps prevent sudden movements while sleeping that might wake your little one, including the moro (or startling) reflex.
  • Swaddling also prevents your baby from scratching.
  • It can also help keep your little one focused on breast feeding as it keeps their arms and legs settled.

Some babies take time to adjust to swaddling, so if your baby  doesn’t seem to like swaddling, try leaving one arm free while swaddling the rest of the body. You could also try a variety of swaddle styles, such as the Love to Dream Swaddle or the ErgoPouch Cocoon.



Swaddling usually works best from newborn to about 3 or 4 months, but babies who enjoy swaddling may continue for a little while longer!




Looking for tips on how to Swaddle? Check out how one Daddy does it on YouTube!