Winter Blowout Sale – Happening in store NOW!

We’re clearing the way for some beautiful new pieces at our 1244 Wellington Street West location! If you’re in the market for some gorgeous furniture to outfit your nursery, make sure you have a look at what we have on offer! These great collections include Green Guard certified items- the best way to ensure a safe and healthy nursery for your little one.

Alexa Collection NewsletterAll Seasons CollectionBelmont Collection NewsletterParis Collection NewsletterIsabella Collection NewsletterAnd that’s not all! We’re also offering blowout prices on some of our most popular items;

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Have You Been Good All Year?

Celebrating Christmas with a one year old can be a true delight! It’s all about torn wrapping paper, belly laughs, and sheer excitement. If you’re hoping to find that special gift that’s – dare I say it – more fun to play with then the box it came in, check out our ideas;

The B.Toys ElemenoSqueeze is one of my ultimate faves! These squishy blocks are perfect for stacking, chewing or squeezing! These versatile blocks come in a set of 26 and cost $41.99. Their bright colours and prominent letters make for hours of educational fun- both in and out of the bath tub.

In keeping with our educational theme, you should try this Hape Counting Stacker. Not only can you practice numbers, but this little toy helps you work on dexterity. Stacking can be a fine art, indeed! At $9.99 it’s also a great deal.

Got a little mover and shaker on your hands? Check out the Janod Crazy Rocky pull-along puppy! Complete with Wagging tail, Rocky is a retro-inspired wooden toy that will provide hours of fun. He’s $49.99 and available at our Brick & Mortar stores.

Meal time becomes a treat with the adorable Zoo Plates from Skip Hop. Available in 11 different animals, these divided plates are only $7.49. Buy the coordinating cups, utensils, bibs and bowls for the little one that has a favourite animal- I personally love the Owl.

When the meals are eaten, and the toys put away, snuggle your little one up in cozy sleep sacks from Grobag! These nap bags come in different weights for different temperatures, so make sure you coordinate with the temperature in your nursery-  The 2.5 tog is perfect for long winter naps. They vary in price from $49.99 to $64.99, depending on age range.

Lay your children to sleep under the beautiful night sky with the Cloud B Twilight Turtle. The gentle light projects real constellations onto the ceiling- providing a point of interest for older kids and a soothing glow for younger. A sure-fire hit, this little fella has been one of our most popular gifts for years! He’s $44.99 and available both in store and online.

Still unsure? Do feel free to visit us at any of our locations for more suggestions, and a side of free gift wrap 😉 We’re at 1244 Wellington St. West and 755 Bank Street in Ottawa and 286 Danforth Avenue in Toronto.

Fall Floor Model Sale – 1244 Wellington Street West

We’ve had quite the busy time here at Fab the past couple of weeks- our furniture floor models are ON SALE! We hardly ever mark down furnishings, so now is your chance to scoop up a fantastic deal. We’ve already parted with our beautiful Walnut Leander Crib, the gorgeous Dutailier Papaya nursery set, and too many Monte Chairs to count.

The mega-sale is all in the name of bringing in new pieces. New colours, new styles, new everything! Monte Design is now offering sunny yellow fabric, which I think is particularly wonderful on their classic Joya Rocker.

If you’re planning your nursery, now’s the time to come visit- our awesome staff can explain how each piece converts into a larger bed or what Green Guard is, for mommies who want to be in the know. And, seriously, the best aspect of a floor model sale has got to be cutting down on waiting times. When planning your nursery, do remember to keep in mind that custom furniture can take as little as  4 weeks, or as many as 12 weeks to arrive at your door. All of our pieces are built to order, so nothing collects dust in a warehouse! If you’re under a time crunch, floor models are a great option.

New today, we’ve marked down the All Seasons and Mix Twin Panel Bed Set even further to 30% off. These guys have only been on the floor since May, and are in great condition!


Planning your room? Check out this great blog by Young America. It’s all about setting up a nursery fit for your little one- I absolutely love the looks that they’ve come up with! Specifically the book wall- what a perfect little library for your burgeoning bookworm.

Be forewarned, Fabbies, pieces are going quick! Come visit our Flagship location at 1244 Wellington Street West today!

Baby Burritos and the Good Night’s Sleep

One of the questions that we’re most often asked by expecting moms Chez Fab is certainly, “What are the benefits of swaddling?” We find there are many!

  • Swaddling a baby can be a great way to soothe a fussy baby.
  • It helps to regulate baby’s body temperature as they sleep and gives them the same secure feeling as being in the womb.
  • Swaddling also helps prevent sudden movements while sleeping that might wake your little one, including the moro (or startling) reflex.
  • Swaddling also prevents your baby from scratching.
  • It can also help keep your little one focused on breast feeding as it keeps their arms and legs settled.

Some babies take time to adjust to swaddling, so if your baby  doesn’t seem to like swaddling, try leaving one arm free while swaddling the rest of the body. You could also try a variety of swaddle styles, such as the Love to Dream Swaddle or the ErgoPouch Cocoon.



Swaddling usually works best from newborn to about 3 or 4 months, but babies who enjoy swaddling may continue for a little while longer!




Looking for tips on how to Swaddle? Check out how one Daddy does it on YouTube!