Products of Substance

With the expansion of our flagship store, Fab customers have been noticing all kinds of new additions to our shelves- One of the most popular has been the Substance skincare line. These products are brought to us by the holistically-minded Matter Company.

Based in Toronto, Matter was created by Environmental Studies graduate & Therapeutic Herbalist, Denise Williams. She originally thought to give the products as gifts to friends and family alike, but up sprung a successful business opportunity that saw Denise growing herbs in her basement and creating lines to suit the lifestyles of those around her.

My personal fave (even though I’m not an infant!) has got to be the Substance Baby Crème. With its invigorating scent of Grapefruit and Peppermint oils, the lotion is a delight to put on. You can often find me in store “trying out” the sampler. The infusion of Wheat Germ helps to soothe itchy skin, and the cream itself is formulated specifically to increase resiliency and elasticity of growing skin- very important for when your little guys shoot up like weeds!

Also important this season is sun care, and we’ve been finding it extremely difficult to keep the Natural Sun Care Crème in stock! Flying off the shelves, this chemical-free sunblock includes Shea Butter, Sesame Seed oil and Jojoba oil. It’s a water-resistant formula, safe for all ages. The active ingredient is 20% micro-ionized zinc oxide which protects against harmful UVAs and UVBs. Zinc is also an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and safe for sensitive skin.

Mommy is not an after-thought with Substance, as they have Belly Jelly, Mineral Soak, and the hugely popular Leg & Back Crème on offer. Whether you’re expecting a newbie or running after a feisty toddler, this cream is heaven on earth! Husbands- what better way to thank the mother-to-be than a daily foot rub with stimulating and cooling lotion?

The Substance Nipple Crème is fantastic, for a million reasons, but specifically because it doesn’t need to be removed prior to feeding. Its all-natural formula is safe for baby to ingest, and that feature allows you to use this one little product on chapped nipples, lips, noses or cheeks. The olive, coconut and grapeseed oil make for a smooth application, and the product is virtually unscented and has no flavour whatsoever (I had to try it out myself, in the name of research!).

One thing you’ll notice is that the packaging reads like a grocery list, which means that you don’t need a chemistry degree to understand what you’re putting on your baby’s sensitive skin. Confidence in the product is the Matter Company mantra, as their simple slogan “The ingredients are the product” denotes.

C’mon by any location and have a sniff and a sample- you’ll be impressed with the scent and quality of the Substance line.


Available at all locations; Baby Crème $17.99, Baby Body Foam $17.99, Nappy Rash Ointment $7.99, Mineral Soak $17.99, Belly Jelly $7.99, Nipple Crème $11.99, Leg & Back Crème $20.99.