Third Time’s a Charm!


Celebrating your Third Christmas with your little one and looking for something with that WOW factor?? Feast your eyes on these wonderful gems- perfect for our budding Christmas Elves!

The Educo Gourmet Chef Kitchen comes in both Green and White, and is PERFECT for your imaginative little tike. What a great way to inspire Just-Like-Parent behaviour, and maybe encourage a little dish-washing along the way? They’re available both online and in store for $139.99.


The Green Toys Tea set would make a wonderful companion to the kitchen! Made from recycled bottles, these toys are easy on the environment, and super durable. And the full set is $35.99!

We’ve also got a cheeky twist on Keyboards and Keytars from B.Toys- The Meowsic and Woofer will inspire the rock star in adults and children alike. The Meowsic is $64.99 and the Woofer is $49.99.


This is a great time to move towards a more Big-Boy and Big-Girl room! So why not jazz it up with the funky animal prints from AD Zif? These hilarious faces are sure to delight! Available in 12 different animals, the multi-coloured prints work with a variety of decor schemes! Available online and in store for $39.99.ADZIF

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Free Your Lunch

Going garbage free has never been so easy! Free your lunch and love your planet – all within your budget!

Kinderville Little Bites: $19.99
Perfectly sized for snacks and side dishes, these silicone jars are A+. Aside from the peace of mind afforded by 100% silicone, the smart design is something every mom can appreciate. Air pressure keeps the tops on, so my 2-year old can close it herself in her car seat. I can freeze it, nuke it, fridge it and eventually toss it in the dishwasher without ever thinking twice about the safety implications. Mmm-hmmm, I’ll take 2.
Kinderville Popsicle Molds: $24.99
Summer rolls around and there’s no need to buy popsicles! Toss some 100% fruit juice, compote, yogurt, or kefir with fresh fruit into the mold, pop the top on and slap it in the fridge. And voila!, you’ve got a healthy treat in a reusable (non-toxic) container.  We realize that most of the fun of yogurt tubes and fruit squeezes is the container! These molds let you decide whether what’s inside the vessel is as healthy as it is fun!
Steadyco Steadycup: $5.99
Non-toxic, plastic cups that are stackable, closeable, recyclable and usable – even for the little ones. The wide base on a Steadycup helps kids learn to drink from a cup earlier. Just think of all the juice boxes (and pennies) that could save!
Think Baby Feeding Set: $49.99
An ultimately earth-friendly stainless steel feeding set. We love stainless steel because it’s not only safe and reusable but also ultra durable. In addition to eating out of them we’ve dropped them off balconies, surrendered them to the dog, used them to dig at the beach and they’re still kickin’. Fantastic!
Kipiis Bib Clips: $14.99
How many times did I forget to bring a bib to a restaurant or friend’s place? I don’t know about you, but my daughter would have none of the tucking the napkin into the shirt trick. So, Kipiis were a godsend. In my diaper bag until I needed them and then the star of the show. Any napkin, burp cloth or dishrag could make a cameo as a bib and I’ve even used them to fashion a make-shift nursing cover in a pinch!
Lunchskins: $9.99 – $11.99
Your run of the mill family can go through an awful lot of sandwich bags in a year. Add some kids’ lunches to the mix and you could drown in them. Lunchskins have tackled that wasteful practice in a truly all-encompassing way. From the delicious patterns to the fold over hook-and-loop closure to the dishwasher safe construction, their reusable sandwich bags are unbeatable in design and function.
Lunchbots: $17.99 – $20.99
Again with the stainless steel. You just can’t beat it. Durable, good-looking, easy to clean and I don’t walk away with that nagging guilty feeling like when I say “yes” to a plastic bag at the grocery store. These bento-style containers come in three sizes so you can mix-and-match to suit your freed-lunch needs.