Movin’ on Up (To the Big Boy Room)

My sister is a mere 8 days away from her C-Section, and thus the birth of her second child. Throughout her pregnancy, my fam has been making periodic checks with my nephew Oscar, saying things like “Are you excited to be a big brother? Do you want to help Mommy take care of a baby?” And yet, he still seems mystified by the concept that my sister might be bringing another person into their small family.  In fact, for the longest time he thought he’d be helping Mommy take care of another person’s baby.

To ease the transition, she’s been hard at work creating a Big Boy Room that is all his own! Since his Mighty Machines obsession is at an all time high (Seriously, what 2 year old knows the word “Hydraulics”??), the theme is very constructional.

No matter what the theme, I always suggest the colourful products from P’Kolino when customers are searching for the perfect pieces to furnish their growing one’s rooms.

Safari-themed furniture is a whimsical and unique way of looking at everyday items. The P’Kolino Bookshelf and Tree Table are gorgeous- and totally gender neutral. I picture these with some great tree wall decals and a giant stuffed monkeys.

I’ve personally built the Bookcase, Tables and Rocking Chairs- which is saying something. Unlike my Mr.Fix-It husband, I do NOT know my way around an allen key. Their simple construction was quick- and well-explained!

With a mantra like “make better products to improve play at home” the founders of P’Kolino have set themselves up as a light-hearted company- building quality pieces of furniture with the safety of an adult mind and the excitement of a child’s. The founders are two Florida-based fathers, J.B. Schneider and Antonio Turco-Rivas. They are extremely talented at creating convertible pieces that function in multiple facets. A Toddler Bed that turns into a large chair? A Puzzle that can be completed in a myriad of ways? They’ve got them! My personal fave would be the Silly Soft Seats. These happy faces are actually three soft pieces that can be separated for play or sat on with a great book!

Available in 5 different colours; purple, blue, orange, red or green.










If Play-for-Two is on your mind, how about a Child-Height table that features a removable chalk-board top? We’ve got a floor model at our Wellington Street location, should you fancy giving it a try!

Decorating for your toddler can be difficult! They’re on their feet and scurrying about, which can cause a safety concern. Make sure that whatever you choose, there are softened edges and that the items are height-appropriate. Many parents find it helpful to travel their room at their child’s height- kneel in different areas to determine possible hazards and how to avoid unwanted accidents!

You may also want to avoid any complex designs and patterns – keep the room full of bright colours and developmental props, such as flash cards and puzzles. And you might also want to avoid characters or items that are of a passing fancy. If your little one adores a particular cartoon character, will they always? Choose pieces that have an heirloom quality- that special something that will create great memories, and can be passed on to future generations!