What’s in Santa’s Sack for Newbies?

Tis the Season for visiting loved ones! If you’re meeting a new niece or nephew this Christmas we’ve got some suggestions for what to bring! The Before-12-Months Set can be the life of the party! Why not keep them entertained with these fun, safe toys that are age-appropriate for the very wee?

The B.Toys Whacky Ball Set has a mirrored background and features a soft hammer to get the fun started. Your child will spend hours watching the balls work their way through the maze, and then pop them through it all over again! This great toy is $35.99, and available at all of our Brick & Mortar stores.

The Skip Hop TreeTop Friends line has been a huge hit this season! The soft toys are fun to tug, but when it’s tummy-time this comfy mat features a mirror in the Tree-Trunk. Perfect for practicing silly faces! It’s available both online and in-store for $74.99.

The Lamaze Octo-Tunes makes for a great Play-Date. Squeezing each tentacle creates a distinctly different honk- Such a delight! Strengthen your little one’s arm muscles and dexterity development by watching them squeeze, tug and pull. He’s $30.99.



Are you looking for something useful, to soothe a frazzled mom and a tuckered out babe? Try the Love to Swaddle Up! This cozy swaddler encourages self soothing, with their hands and mouth in perfect distance! Available at all of our locations in Grey & White, it’s $39.99.




Have you ever tried to put a Snowsuit on a wriggly newborn? Avoid the hassle with these gorgeous bunting bags from 7AM! This helpful cover straps into any stroller with velcro pieces along the back. You can remove both the inner fleece lining, and the front from the back altogether. Available in 0-6 for $129.99, 6-18 for $149.99 and 18-36 for $169.99!



If you have a Mini-Maestro on your hands, foster their love of music with this Tambourine from Hape! A deal at $19.99, your little Tambourine man will be shaking up the fun while learning about rhythm in no time!






Whether you’re aiming for useful, fun or useful AND fun, we’ve got you covered! Visit us online at Fabbabygear.com, or in person at 1244 Wellington Street We & 755 Bank Street in Ottawa, or 286 Danforth Avenue in Toronto! We’d love to help find that special something!

The Great Fall Bundle

The weather has taken a delightfully cooler turn recently, for those of us Fall Fans here at Fab! We’ve been stocking our shelves with our perennial faves. Most specifically the entire line of 7AM Enfant bundlers, snugglers and mittens for mom.


The classic 7AM Enfant Sac Igloo is a wonderful water-resistant foot muff that makes long winter walks do-able!  So much easier than wrestling with two-piece snowsuits, this bundler protects your baby from snow, rain and wind. The anti-pilling micro-fleece lining also snaps out, for those warmer days, and can easily act as a fleece blanket on its own. All of the Sac Igloos feature non-slip backings and adjust to accommodate five-point harnesses easily. Check out all 3 sizes in stores now; Small (0-6 months), Medium (6-18 months), and Large (18 months – 3 years).


Searching for something similar, but to be used until the age of 4? Check out the 212, which features zippered length extensions. Spending a full day at Winterlude, anyone? Then try the new 7AM Polar Igloo, which took style inspiration from the great outdoors!

New this year, we’re proud to present the Pookie Poncho. This cozy poncho acts as a baby carrier cover and provides coverage for your baby’s head, back and shoulders. It’s also water-resistant and can be converted to use with your stroller. This model is suitable for up to 4 years of age, and, like all other 7AM products it’s completely machine-washable.


Mom has not been forgotten- in fact, these WarMMuffs™ have got to be one of my favourite things in the store. Allowing you to keep a firm grip on the stroller, these mitts will keep your hands cozy and warm! Ever tried to pick up a pacifier while wearing a giant mitten? Not the easiest of tasks! Your hands will easily slip in and out of the WarMMuffs in no time.Image


Another great time-saver is certainly the Bunting Doudoune. A completely cute mini-snowsuit for your wee one, it features side-access zippers for easy changing and converts easily from two separate legs to one warm bunting bag. This one also features the water-resistant outer and fleece lining.Image

How will you be keeping your little warm this winter? We’ve got floor models on display and are ready for you to try them out!