Totally Obsessed aka, How to Keep Busy in the Very Little Downtime that you Have.

Right after my wedding I found myself taking on a ridiculous amount of projects. Seriously, there was nothing that a glue gun or some seam tape didn’t touch. In talking with a lot of Mom’s here at Fab, that feeling seems to pervade when Baby is sleeping and Mama can’t. When you’re used to running at 150%, how do you keep busy when time stops?

I, personally, spend my time on the internet. And Hello Giggles has become a daily visit. Sure,  I read Google News. And yes, I spend some time shopping for shoes. Please-  Don’t even get me started on Pinterest. But I find it’s Hello Giggles that is eating up the bulk of my time lately.  And the bulk of my “did you hear about this” conversation starting! This delightful blogosphere created by Zooey Deschanel, Sophia Rossi and Molly McAleer brings up topics that are infinitely relevant. It’s an every-woman  type of site that allows bloggers to just, ever so simply, write.

As we all hunker down for a long winter with our loved ones and our littles, I can think of nothing better than a cozy cuddle by the fire with some awesome reading material!

Most recently, I stumbled upon an interview with Jessica Valenti, author of Why Have Kids? An awesome book that covers such taboo topics like “Eep! I’m not instantly connected to my little one- am I a failure??” I love finding real-world, real-time mom’s who don’t judge. Check out the interview here.

I also stumbled upon a little gem that, perhaps because we’re two sleeps away from my 31st birthday, feels so right. When you’re nursing at 3am tonight, have a read of the 10 Things I Wish I knew As a Teenage Girl by Anne T. Donahue. It will make you laugh a little, and shake your head. Because didn’t we all just run about making decisions with the intensity of an uncertain Carrie Bradshaw?

Finally, in my NanoWrimo Inspired ode to women who write, I’d also suggest that our Fab Moms download Mindy Kaling’s “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)” to their e-readers! This book, titled after a feeling that I’m positive all new mother’s feel, reminds me so much of my youth. It’s light-hearted enough to skim through one chapter here, and one chapter there. And it’s infinitely relatable, which will keep you coming back for more!

Always on the hunt for a delightful new read- make your suggestions! We’ll be sure to check them out!


Late Night Feeding? Late Night READING!

I have to say that around Fab we keep strange working hours! It’s not entirely odd to send an email at 3am and receive a response quickly from one of our feeding Mama’s that are up and about. Taking a note from my sister, who found her eReader indispensable, I thought it was time to share some of the best and the brightest of Mommy Reading (in my humble opinion!) Whether you’re planning a pregnancy, whiling away hours of difficult pregnancy-sleeping in this heat, or nursing your wee one- these blogs will prove an interesting distraction!

Doodlemum  – 38 year old Angie Stevens takes a look at the lighter side with delightful line-drawings and masterful shading. Imagine a typical day in your life drawn artfully for you to enjoy. I think I love this blog as much as my Mom enjoyed For Better or For Worse.

Pregnant Chicken – Toronto Mom Amy Morrison runs this blog-  it’s equal parts helpful info (see Hospital Bags – What to Pack) and hilarious (check out Pregnant on St. Paddy’s Day?). Her wry sense of humour cracks me up, but do make sure you mind the swearing!

Apartment Therapy – Family Section Having recently purchased my first home with the Handsome Husband, I have to say that this website has become my lifeblood. Well, this website and Pinterest as I need somewhere to keep track of all that I love on Apartment Therapy! Check out the family section for great ideas on décor, party planning and photography projects to keep track of small to big moments!

Babble – This has got to be the number-one “Read it on my iPad whilst I nurse at 3am” website. Need an answer to the ultimate “Am I a normal parent if I ….” or want to read some celebrity gossip that doesn’t include a healthy dose of who’s spilling out of what club at what hour? This is the spot. They cover recipes, hot topics, troubleshooting and more. Looking for a great article to start on? How about “I want to eat your baby! Why do women say that?” by Joe Donatelli

And finally, Pinterest – We here at Fab have started our own Pinterest! Staff have been obsessively pinning on their own personal sites, so we thought why not share awesome ideas, great products and adorable Littles with our Fab Friends?? We’re always looking for new pins, so add us and we’ll scope out your great taste!