10 Easy Gear Items For Beachin’ It With Babes

Mother Nature may not be acting like it, but summer is right around the corner and that means lazy (haha) days spent lounging (chasing children) on the beach are upon us. As a mom to 3 girls under 5 (4.5, almost 2, and 10 weeks) I have a distinct appreciation for the effort and determination required to pack up and head to the mailbox, let alone to the beach for an entire day. And yet, every year as summer approaches I gear up in my mind for the coming days of fun in the sun. The sun – that amazing giver of Vitamin D that brightens our moods and our dear babes’ skin if we aren’t careful. I have a love hate relationship with the sun. I love the way the sun lifts my mood, warms me up and symbolizes the end of the brutal baby bundling season. But the sun brings it’s own set of challenges to the table – after emerging from the deep freeze we have to re-remember how to keep those glorious fun-in-the-sun daydreams from turning into hot, sweaty, sticky, cranky nightmares.

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