Carry Me Away!

While the cooler months are a slow-season for carriers, I cannot think of a better way to keep warm than snuggling into a large coat with your baby comfortably resting against you- Talk about Nature’s Furnace! This year we’ve added a stellar selection of Mom-wear to our offerings; The MCoats, which are suitable for pregnancy, winter-weather carrying and yourself have been a huge hit.

This Canadian-Made coat is down-filled- so cozy! The fabric is even Teflon-treated, to protect against the unavoidable spills as you sip your Hot Chocolate along the canal. Heck, this baby is even Machine-Washable! Which, from my perspective, is so important. They’re available now at our 1244 Wellington Street West location and come in a Black, Red, Navy and Brown.


We’ve also just taken in our first order of Boba Air Carriers. Smaller than a wind-breaker jacket that folds into a fanny pack, these carriers are built for Travel! It can be used with a child who is between 15 and 45 pounds, but the carrier itself only weighs 0.7 pounds. Ideal for tucking into the suitcase as you visit family or escape to sun-soaked beaches this Winter.

Will you be cuddling up this winter? Let us know the your fave ways to keep warm!


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