From Broadway to the Bronx, I’m Strollin’ Here!


This past weekend I was lucky enough to spend with my husband in the legendary New York City. It was my very first trip, and I had no idea that it would be exactly like the movies! Bustling, exciting, and dare I say it- LOUD. It appears, in New York, that honking your car horn is a requirement to road travel.

Throughout our journeys from Times Square to Central Park to Bloomingdales (seriously, I held a Badgeley Mischka gown in my hands!), my husband and I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of one particular stroller. The Baby Jogger City Mini.

Without the use of hyperbole, I counted 35. And I only started counting on day 2! This particular stroller is my fave, and I was so pleased to see how successful parents were with it during travel. The fold is not your standard Umbrella Style- You simply lift a strap that is located in the centre of the seat and the entire thing folds swiftly to the size a small suitcase. Weighing in at just under 17 lbs, it is MUCH lighter than my suitcase was.

The front wheels, while there are 2 of them, are close together in the style of a 3-wheel buggy. They swivel easily- ideal for moving through large crowds or stores with tiny aisles. We even caught one with the wheel in locked position being pushed around the ice at Rockefeller Plaza.

The seat has a full recline, and I spotted many a wee one taking a mid-day snooze while clutching an FAO Shwartz bear or an American Doll. In fact, while reclined, there was still plenty of room in the basket for all of Mom’s shopping. With a weight capacity of 50 lbs, and the average weight of a 6 month old being 12-19 lbs, that’s plenty of room for a dress or two!

Also available in a double, this stroller is a proud carrier of the 2012 Cribsie title for the Double Stroller that will Save Your Sanity! Both children have plenty of space to kick back, but the stroller itself still fits comfortably through standard-size doorways. It’s weight capacity is a whopping 100 lbs!

So if you’re planning on traveling over the next couple of months, and I imagine many of you are as the festive season looms upon us, then do come by and have a look at this versatile little buggy!


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