To Bumper, or Not to Bumper- The Great Nursery Debate!

Bumper pads first came into use because the slats in a crib were far  enough apart that babies were able to catch  their heads between them and become stuck. Now there is legislation in North America that requires any crib sold to have slats closer together, making it impossible for an infant’s head to become trapped.  Now that may not be the case for small arms and legs!

Bumpers may reduce the flow of oxygen-rich air through the crib. This problem is addressed with the Breathable Bumper. The Breathable Bumper features a mesh lining that prevents limbs from getting caught between the slats, but promotes healthy airflow throughout the crib.

Oftentimes parents find it helpful to incorporate a bumper when the baby is passed infancy. The cushioning can help prevent bumps and bruises while kicking or hitting.

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association suggests that, when used properly, bumpers can prevent injuries from tight slat dimensions and hard surfaces. But what do mommies think?

Many health agencies nowadays are linking Bumper Usage to SIDS, which is a frightening thought! And bedding companies have taken note. Not the least of which, BananaFish has now separated out there nursery sets so that bumpers are removed and to be purchased separately.

Let us know your opinion! We’re always up for a discussion!


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