Back To School with Litter-Free Lunches!

Has your daycare or school gone Litter-Free? We’ve had quite a number of customers getting prepared to send their children to school with garbage-free lunches. What a great idea!! This growing trend is a sure-fire way to save money and ensure that your littles are eating the best meals that they can!

We’ve got quite the selection of packaging to help you navigate the course of packing a quality lunch! New to stores this year, the Itzy Ritzy Snack Happened bags come in two sizes – 7″ x 7″ or 7″ x 3″. These bags feature a water-resistant lining and are easily sealed with a Zipper at the top. Fully washable, you can pop them in with your laundry. They’re great for Crackers and Fruit slices!

Avoiding plastic has become a snap with the arrival of our new Wean Green Cubes and Bowls. This homegrown company was created by mom Melissa Gunning with the personal mandate to avoid having your carbon “footprint grow faster than your baby’s.” Glass is both recyclable and allows you to completely eliminate any chemical migration to the food that your child eats. Wean Green is also part of the 1% Movement, and donates 1% of its sales to a network of environmental organizations, worldwide. From a strictly utilitarian view,  these little pots work great for Mom and Dad as well, so stock up for your work lunches too.

Once your child has finished the fruit slices or yogurt, certainly they’ll be in need of some hydration! Hydrate in style with a BPA-free Sigg bottle. They come in a variety of funky patterns and are sized from 0.3 litres to 1.5 litres. It’s a parent-friendly company, as they do a booming Spare Parts business. If a cap gets broken, stop by your closest Fab Baby Gear location for replacements.

If you’re avoiding plastic forks and spoons, check out the awesomely adorable sets available from Ore. This set includes a stainless steal fork and spoon in a convenient plastic container- great for keeping leftover pudding off of the lunch bags! Speaking of bags- Ore makes delightful Zippy Back-Packs, Play Packs & Lunch Sacks that match the Cutlery Sets! Little Fashionista’s will love the combination!

Fred also makes a great Snack & Stack set- these blog inspired pieces snap together for easy storage! I think we all know what my husband will be receiving in his stocking at Christmas this year (yep, I said it! As soon as school starts, my head goes to Christmas!)

What kind of snacks will you be sending with your children this year? I’m having flashbacks of my all-time fave, Ants on a Log! The kind of thing that you forget about until you have children of your own, but then rediscover and LOVE all over again!


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