It’s time to take the training wheels off!

The fastest growing trend in fun-for-your-littles is arguably the use of a delightfully crafted, all wood, balance bike. These bikes are flying like hotcakes, which prompts many a parent to ask “How does this compare to training wheels? I see balance bikes everywhere!!”

The whole idea behind the balance bike is that your children learn the hard part of bike riding first- steering and balancing! Low to the ground, they push, push, push with their feet until they’re going fast enough to coast. These bursts of coasting are when the child can lift their feet off the ground and feel how the bike balances underneath them. One of the major benefits is that any spills taken from this height are easily brushed off.

Most cycle enthusiasts are now comparing the idea of training wheels to crutches. It seems that having the safety net of not falling over is just prolonging the actual process of learning to ride a bike.

When trying the fit of a balance bike (which you can certainly do at our 1244 Wellington Street location), make sure that your child’s feet are resting flat on the floor. Any higher could lead to tumbling. Keep in mind that most balance bikes offer growth options.

The Wishbone Bike starts out life as a trusty 3-wheeler, easily converting to a two wheeler with 3 different heights. A simple twist of Dad’s trusty Allan Key and your child will be scooting about the block in no time. One of the key benefits here is that the bike can be converted into one of the largest bikes on the market- which leads directly towards using it longer. It’s age-appropriate from 1 to 5.

The Prince Lionheart collection of bikes includes the Original, the Chop and the Scooter. Each one has a height-adjustable seat on a birch frame and are appropriate from ages 2 to 5.







Gone are the days of an anxious parent running behind the child with one hand on the seat. I think we can all remember what a disastrous turn this took for Uncle Joey when he was teaching Michelle!


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