The Dog Days of Summer

Bringing a new Baby home comes with its own set of challenges, as does bringing a new Baby home to your previously owned Fur Babies. We had some helpful hints come through recently on our Facebook page. New parents have brilliantly had blankets used to swaddle their wee one sent home so that dogs could pick up the scent of the child and have also created special hiding spots for their furry friends to run off to when the going got tough.

So what are Mom & Dad to do? I absolutely love the concept of making your pet a haven. Somewhere to scoot when hands get grabby! One of my dear friends has an adorable cat, but you won’t see her out and about before 8pm, when the 3 year old of the house has toddled off to bed. But in the same vein, you want to create boundaries for your pet. You can ensure that the nursery is a no-pet zone, or avoid kittens in the bed while your little one is bunking with you.

I would also suggest making pet interaction just as important as the use of developmental toys or counting games. Play a game called “I can be gentle” and show your child how to softly pet your cat or roll a ball towards your dog. As long as I’ve had my dog, he’s been a complete sucker for anyone who will give him positive attention. He’s also, strangely, a complete sucker for Sophie the Giraffe, so if you find that your dog is gravitating to certain items, why not splurge on something similar- and safe- for him?

It is always important to be very conscious of the energy that you’re putting into your home’s atmosphere. Children, as well as pets, mirror the emotions coming from their parents. Calm demeanour’s breed calm environments. You can also never over-estimate the value of a good old energy-burst. Have your baby join you on long walks with the dog. Fresh air does a body good! And, let’s face it, tuckering out your pooch is a sure fire way to limit jumping up and rough play.


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