Our Two Seasons

Okay, so we’ve all heard the ol’ Chestnut that Ottawa has two seasons each year- Winter and Construction. Or maybe you’ve heard it that we have Winter and Patio Season? In my world of a closet run awry and a shoe cupboard with a few too many pairs, I have two seasons; Winter and Sample Sale.

Trot those tables and racks out with some sweet deals, and I will be out there at 6am sporting a uniform of leggings and a plain white tank top clutching a large Thermos of Earl Grey tea to get me energized.
This year has marked our first foray into the delightful territory of Sample Sale at Fab, and it’s been a rousing success! If you love the bright prints of Zutano, or the classic styling of Tea, you’ve perhaps already found some gems at shocking prices on our sidewalks. I am expecting three- that’s right THREE nieces and/or nephew’s over the next few months, so these sales are my wallet-saver!
Coming up this Saturday, July 28th, 2012 we’ll be adding Fall & Winter items into our collections. Everything must go, so do visit us bright and early at 1244 Wellington Street West!


And for our Torontonians- you’re not missing out! How about you join us for a snack of delightful savings during the Taste of the Danforth weekend this August?


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