Splish Splash, I Was Taking A Walk

Have you and your fam been to any of our local Splash Pads this year? The colourful rainbow at the Plant Bath or the recently refurbished Parkdale Market?

I’ve recently moved out to Kanata, myself, and have to say that there are PLENTY of outdoor havens during this drought! Did you know that every City of Ottawa wading pool is open and ready for their Waterplay program as of 11am? Staffers are on hand for interactive activities and a series of learn-to-swim skills for your children. This service is completely free, so take advantage while you can! Waterplay days run until August 17th, excluding pool-specific closure days which you can find on the City of Ottawa Website.

If you’re searching for something a little different, make sure you check out the Grupe Capoeira at Kiwanis Park on August 2nd. This free lunchtime performance will certainly get your little superhero’s dancing to the beat with plenty of kicks and stamps!

Local beaches are always a great option! The Westboro Beach is a Fab Fave as their gorgeous waterfront is a mere bicycle ride away!

Whatever your preference- do make sure you play safe! Cover up with sunscreen, a sunsuit and a great hat with a wide brim!

*Photo cred; http://www.ottawa.ca


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