What’s in a Name?

We at Fab have been noticing a shockingly delightful new trend in the Baby industry- Have you caught some of the new brand names popping up in our stores? Boob maternity clothing, the Mother Tucker from Belly Bandit and the classic Hooter Hiders have us thinking some curious thoughts!

We stand by our products for function and style, but now get to have a healthy chuckle over them as well. What do you think about saucy names on Baby Products? Certainly the items are being marketed towards adults, but does that make the adult-appropriate title warranted? Do you think there’s a time and a place for such humour? We’re interested to know, especially since our staff seem to be a group of devil-may-care, we-find-it-hilarious kind of crowd!

How about a onesie that features a logo saying “Poop Factory”? Being one to always make a sassy remark, I have to love the opportunity to pass that on to my child. I also seriously dig the opportunity to avoid copious amounts of Raffi (Sorry Beluga fans!) by lulling my children to sleep with the dulcet tones of Metallica and Aerosmith. Our Rockabye CD collection has been an ever-popular staple, and a compelling registry item for quite some time.

If a sarcastic quip is your type of humour, might we also suggest you check out Dooce? This hilarious blog is about a contemporary mom who doesn’t appear to be heading down the mini-van path of propriety anytime soon! Taken with a grain of salt and a hefty dose of silly, this blog entertains many of the Fab Mommies- not to mention the Not-Yet-Mommies!


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