We’re Expecting… A Brand New Flagship Store!!

Have you heard?

We’re Expanding into a new

(and much bigger) location!

Here at Fab we think that winter hibernation is for the bears! We’ve been busily working on our BRAND NEW LOCATION.The soon-to-be Flagship store will be located at 1244 Wellington Street West! Just a hop, skip and a jump from our current home at 1308.

As the days grow longer we’ve been taking advantage. Our store rooms are all packed, our offices too, and we’re beginning the exciting process of merchandising the new digs! Since we’re fans of keeping it all in the Fab Family we’d like to share some of the reno-photos with you!

Check it out!

A (giant) shell of a store will soon be filled with smiling Sophie’s, Cozy Monte gliders and a whole stable of new brands and merchandise. What can YOU look forward to at the new location? More stock on site to cut down on pesky wait times, gorgeous backlit shelving, change rooms and a massive furniture department!

We’re so excited to announce that you will be able to    purchase Oilo Bedding chez Fab! The gorgeous and modern designs will suit any neutral or gender specific nursery. I’ve been trying to convince my husband that I should purchase the Wheels Motif crib set in bulk and     sew it into a King-Sized set.

We’re also adding Baby Sam to the lineup- if you’re expecting a little lady, do check out the Tickled Pink Bedding! Completely cute styling that won’t break the bank!

Perhaps our biggest expansion comes to the furniture department; We’ve got Young America Cribs and Toddler Beds all set to build, as well as the delightful TULIP and Leander collections en masse. Have a look at what you’ll find in our new showrooms. What do you think? Very Mad Men Nouveau, yes?? And while you’re deciding if you’re Mod About Baby or Classic Down-Home Chic, you can sit back and relax in the comfort of our new special orders service bar!

We received a shipment of the Bumbleride Flite– This zippy little stroller weighs a portable 13 pounds and can be used from infancy right on up to 50lbs- the perfect downsize for loyal Bumbleriders.

Are you searching for a diaper bag that will make your girlfriends jealous? We’ll still be carrying fan-favourites like OiOi, Storksak and SoYoung, but will be adding the delightful Koochu bags! With zip-out liners for when you’re in need of a quick clean! The Cosmopolitan tote reminds me of a Jennifer Aniston fave, and now I’ve only got to decide between brown and black! Decisions, decisions..

We can’t wait to welcome you and yours to our new dream home!

Look for Fab Baby Gear at 1244 Wellington Street West as of February 10th!


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