A Window with a View

Twinkly lights, Toy Mountains and Oh-So-Many Deglingos. That’s what Fab Windows are made of!

During this past holiday season, the elves were busy changing our windows here at Fab once at week. We’ve had larger-than-life Gingerbread men baking over a hot Educo oven; the ever-popular 4Moms MamaRoo surrounded by ADZif Canvasses and Happy Horse plushies and now, finally, the bar-none favourite!

Our Wellington window featured our stuffed Deglingos hosting a 7-animal wrapping party in Santa’s Workshop. With lots of ribbon and a TON of great gift ideas, the scene is pulled together in a riot of colours and activity!

Follow along as we journey through the Glebe Store’s transformation. We went from MamaRoo Mania to a glorious North Pole Scene in one afternoon! (Including a visit from our very own Santa Claws!)

We started our morning with a giant Monkey and his little buddy- both from Happy Horse. His adorably colourful sweater reminds me so much of the whimsical misfit toys from classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. He went quickly this holiday season, but will be making a triumphant return soon!

This giant sack of snow is going to help us create a winter wonderland! Crokos Deglingo checks out the props- a vintage Gloria camera, hand-wrapped gifts and a large North Pole (craftily put together with receipt paper!). It’s a well-known fact that all Deglingos names end in “-os” so of course they’d want to take a picture with Santos!!

We’ve got a blank canvas! So let’s make some magic!!!

First things first- the North Pole literally requires some snow! And Santa will need something to sit on… why not a festively coloured Monte Cubino chair?? Let’s set up the camera as well, to make sure we’ll get the perfect angle for some Santos shots!

Next let’s add the big guy himself! This year a giant version of Ratos will play the part of Santos with his beard of snowy white and his belly that would, we presume, shake like a bowl full of jelly! Gotta get those claws mittened-out! It’s getting cold up here in the North!

After interviewing many a candidate, we filled the photographer position with the Bigbos. Our reasons were twofold- One, he showed up wearing a spiffy tie, and two- his arms were long enough to reach the shutter button!!

Before long, a lineup had started to form! We had to work quickly to add a giant mountain of presents for all the waiting Deglingos!

Direct from Santos’ Workshop- a pile of the most FABulous toys on offer this year! Imaginative books, Wonderful wooden toys and the most popular of nightlights. Our Deglingo friends were in for a treat! Making the window at Fab is always fun- where else would you get paid to play with such beautiful toys all afternoon? We added one more finishing touch- A naughty and nice list of the staff and their fave Deglingos. Which side of the list did we make it onto??

Now that the holiday season is coming to a close, be on the lookout for Santos to take his vacation! A new window full of great products to discover will soon be unveiled!


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