Snot-Nosed Kids

Ah November, also known as Movember by those of you who(se hubby’s) are donning face-warmers! November, November… always so grey and dreary. I don’t know about you, but when November hits I seem to enter this strange vortex that lies somewhere between it’s sort of chilly but not so bad, and, the beautiful blanket of snow makes up for the fact that it is frigid out there.

Being a mother, I have a new-found association between November and Snot. There may have been a time when I might have called some poor kid (most likely my kid sister) “snot-nosed” meaning that she was an irritant who had no idea what she was talking about. But those days are long gone. Now when I use that term I am likely gazing lovingly at my own cold ridden tot or the literally snotty-nosed child of a friend. Poor November seems to be the height of cold and flu season. A few tips to help you make it through:

First, get a humidifier and plunk it squarely in your little one’s room. Humidifiers add moisture to the air and in so doing, they ease the uncomfortable feeling of dryness that plagues our noses, lips, and skin during our lovely Canadian winter. This added moisture also helps to thin out the nasty mucus that plagues our noses when we catch a nasty cold. Cold mist humidifiers are particularly safe for little hands.

Next, load up on the fruits and veggies! The anti-oxidants found in the most brightly coloured foods (blueberries, sweet potato, spinach) will help keep your immune system in tip-top shape. For some fantastic suggestions for making veggies both delicious and desirable, check out Jessica Seinfeld’s hip cookbook.

Catch Some zzzzz’s. Sleep is important, really important for our children’s health. Studies have shown that less then 7 hours of sleep per night increases our risk of ‘catching’ a cold, forget fighting off an already ‘caught’ bug in a reasonable amount of time. Snuggle your bundle up in a cozy sleep sack and rub a little mentholated balm on their chest to help open the nasal passages and induce minty dreams. At FAB we recommend Dimpleskins Naturals Sniffles Rub.

Prop up the bed to prop up the head! There’s nothing worse than waking up at night because you can’t bweeth oud yo dose… except waking up at night because your baby can’t breathe out hers. Combat these wretched night wakings with a healthy dose of Space Baby Bed Blocks. Safely stack ’em up to raise the head of your baby’s bed helping to keep their airways clear and free for a restful night’s sleep!

You may not always be able to avoid a cold, but you can certainly put up your dukes and fight!


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