I don’t know about you but I hate primary colours. They make me tense and resentful; they are so cold and unforgiving. I have never understood the rationale for their ubiquitous use in childrens’ toys, but I have an out now. An alluring out, with colours drawn from earth, wind and fire, from fresh fruit and tall trees. One of the first things that people notice about B. Toys is the unusual colour palette. A colour palette that is just the tip of the iceberg as far as B. creativity goes…

Strongly influenced by a passion for the rich colours and textures of Inca textiles and the lessons in fiber arts that she learned at her Bolivian abuela’s knee, Gisela Voss has developed a line of childrens’ playthings that is like no other.

Owned and manufactured by a 100-year old, family-run, Canadian company , Battat, the B. brand is growing by leaps and bounds – just last month B.Toys appeared on both Ellen and Regis & Kelly. All of this is very big and yet it is still very much a family affair. Gisela’s own teen and tween children even wrote the witty kitty lyrics that the Meowsic sings. Somehow Gisela manages to put her personal touch into every aspect of B. creating an atmosphere of joy and exploration at every turn. B.‘s website is a maze of inspiration; click the ‘Explore’ button at the top of their page and become lost in wonder in their new imaginary toy worlds.

“The paper waves in the Mountain world are hand-cut from the press-proofs of the Wheeee-mote Control car boxes. The falling snowflakes are beads from Pop-Arty! The coral reef in the Ocean was built, in part, by my daughter’s hand. Toy photos don’t just sit there in look-at-me fashion. They allow you to play with the toys as if you held them in hand…

Every rotating base has been hand-painted. Origami animals hand-folded. Every world first hand-sketched. Every font and color and hand-cut cardboard sign touched. By human hands the old fashioned way, not just digitally.”

I am not even that artistic and I am itching to join B. and be a part of the fun.

An interactive kids’ quote gallery, beautiful enough to frame and hang. A vivacious B.log by Gisela herself. An active partnership with a global initiative called Free the Children. This website is so charged and fascinating you will lose yourself in it. You cannot help but reconnect with your inner child when visiting B.

Lots of new B. coming to FAB in time for the Holidays! Get your Christmas pre-orders in by November 25th and receive 10% off special order items.

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One thought on “B.rilliant

  1. Hi there,

    You should clarify that although the company may be owned by a CDN family, the toys are manufactured overseas in China.

    susie 🙂

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